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Item Make Model Description Condition Price
S-TEC none - For Sale S-TEC none Roll Servo As Removed $1250.00
S-TEC 0109 - For Sale S-TEC 0109 Roll FLT Guidance Computer As Removed $1250.00
Sigma-Tec 5000EG - For Sale Sigma-Tec 5000EG Attitude Gyro As Removed $1100.00
Aerosonic none - For Sale Aerosonic none 2 As Removed $1100.00
Bendix King KY 196A - For Sale Bendix King KY 196A VHF COMM Transceiver As Removed $1095.00
Garmin GDL 69 - For Sale Garmin GDL 69 XM SATELLITE Used $1000.00
S-TEC System 30 - For Sale S-TEC System 30 Pitch Computer $950.00

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